Her History

   Vickie is 27 years old, she is an active person, creative and always looking for adventure and meetings.

  In 2013, during her schooling, she made a humanitarian trip with an association, to Cambodia which changed her vision of the world and which made her want to travel, to see what was happening outside these borders. After obtaining her BTS Tourism in 2014, she decided to go abroad to work, learn new languages and meet new people. It was then that his journey through the world began. 

  She first went to Chile, then got involved in animation (children, teenagers and adults) in holiday clubs abroad. She went to Greece, Bulgaria, Crete, Panama, Thailand. She will then decide to rest a bit and work in a French amusement park, then finally will leave in 2019, but this time volunteering in Croatia. She will tell you that this experience will have been one of her most beautiful, because she was able to find her soul mate there.

  Now President of the Generation of Tomorrow association, Vickie wants to share her experiences and give other young people the chance to live wonderful stories full of sharing, while making our world a better place!



Its main missions

  • Ensures the smooth running of the association: administration, logistics, human resources, team management.

  • Communicates on behalf of the association in the press, the media, and with members

  • Motivates volunteers during actions carried out by the association

  • Represent the association in front of its partners or the courts

  • Sign contracts and agreements

  • ...

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