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His history

Martin Tasevski is one of the founders of the Generation of Tomorrow.

Indeed, he is the Vice-President as well as the Treasurer.

He holds a bachelor's degree in history and a master's degree in the history of education. He has experience in formal education as a history teacher and in non-formal education as a participant, volunteer, group leader, facilitator or trainer through various projects. Martin is interested in working with non-formal education methods and he is always striving to develop and implement new learning methods. He has participated in more than 30 international projects and is continually looking for new partnerships and initiatives geared towards personal development and education of young people. He is passionate about meeting different cultures, customs and traditions, enjoys reading and plays, as well as spending time in outdoor activities, such as biking, running and hiking in the mountains.


Those of the Treasurer

  • It fulfills the financial information obligations of the Association

  • He has signing authority for the accounting documents of the Association

  • ...

The missions of the Vice-President

  • He assists the president during his missions and can replace him if necessary

  • He is also responsible for the proper functioning of the Association

  • ...