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Her History

  Now 20 years old, Lisa is our little ray of sunshine that comes straight from the Paca region. She, apart from the rest, joined the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region where she is currently a student in Human Resources. However, "events" are a field that particularly interests her as well. 

  Loving sharing and exchange, Lisa is very interested in the development of the local community as well as the national but also in strengthening the skills of young people and their needs. This is why, through all her passions which animate her, she has found the perfect balance within "the Generation of Tomorrow" as Coordinator of local projects.

  Brimming with energy, since childhood she has performed many sports activities such as volleyball, swimming, dancing, as well as horse riding in order to be able to exercise freely. 

Its main missions:

  • Production communication workshops, team buildingpresentation skills

  • Creation of activity programs

  • Development of local and national projects

  • Establish new partnerships

  • Interviews, surveys of locals and participants 

  • ...