Her History




     Léa is a 21-year-old girl living in eastern France in Metz. She is in the third year of the Information and Communication License but is also very interested in events, culture and education.

In her free time, she enjoys going to the movies, reading, doing quiet activities, taking pictures but also quite simply being with her friends.

     Léa likes to travel and discover different ways of life and different cultures. She had the chance to travel to quite a few countries like  England, Algeria, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and Canada. But it was during her civic service in Croatia that she really discovered the benefits of volunteering and the joy of interacting with people from all over the world. 

   Since this experience, she has been all the more motivated by international projects and would dream of making her future profession a mix of everything she enjoyed doing during her civic service. Being a member of the “Generation of Tomorrow” association already allows him to project himself and make his dream come true.  


   Active, curious and ready for adventure, she can't wait to organize projects and welcome other young people so that we can all share our experiences.


Its main missions:

  • Ensures the proper functioning and administrative management

  • Also participates in all decisions of the Association

  • Ensures the compliance of methods, procedures, standards and legislation.

  • Imagine methods of controlling the management of the company and its performance

  • ...