Guillaume DELACOUR

His history

   Guillaume is 28 years old and he lives in the southwest of France. He is currently an ambulance driver and ski technical advisor .  

   He carried out several youth exchanges as a participant in Italy but also in France and was also a volunteer in an EVS in Greece in a refugee camp as an educator of young migrants. He has fond memories of these experiences and wishes to further promote volunteering and youth exchanges, which is why he wanted to get even more involved by becoming our Coordinator of international projects for " the Generation of Tomorrow ".  

  Positive and zen attitude at all times, Guillaume is also a great  passionate  sports such as  skiing, skateboarding, surfing, etc.



Its main missions:

  • Facilitates and implements international youth projects

  • Production  communication workshops,  team building,  presentation skills

  • Creation of activity programs

  • Establishment of new international partnerships

  • Group leader during the workshops

  • ...